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We have expansive grounds. Being close to nature, under the open sky, surrounded by the call of birds and smell of grass and trees – this is what Moishan Resort is all about.  


High-energy activities is a part of having a great time. This is why we have kept the option of playing a variety of sports. Our sports facilities include badminton, tennis, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, football and cricket.    


Fishing is a joyous hobby for a lot of people. We are providing fishing-lovers this opportunity. Guests can choose to either eat their catch of the day or take it home.    


Another facility we provide is boating. We provide this so that guests can enjoy the calmness and serenity of Moishan Resort even more.  

Stage and Performance

Our stage is set for you to play out any performances you might like. Aside from that, we also hire performers from flutists to lathhials to provide with a regular source of entertainment. 


Camping is for those of our guests who love to be close to nature. Moishan Resort will provide with all necessary items so that you can camp in comfort. 

BBQ Deck and Campfire

BBQ food, a circle of friends and a campfire will only increase our guests’ contentment. Our campfire and BBQ services are geared to heighten your enjoyment at your stay here in Moishan Resort.

Leisure Features

To put a final pin on our approach to rest and relaxation, our grounds are filled with small amenities here and there that will provide with that even more.